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Dream places.

Places where you can relax, awaken your artistic spirit, enjoy all sorts of experiences.

Welcome to Vigoexperience.

Vigoexperience APP is an Association of hotels in Vigo initiative, financed by the Department of Tourism of Vigo City Council, which aims to offer a pocket tool that will improve the experience of the visitors and tourists who go to the city, facilitating access to activities, routes, visits, culture and sports that make up the city tourist agenda.

Vigo, live your own experience.

We want to show you Vigo as a destination, and propose , as user and visitor, a combined offer which makes its realization  easier.  Vigo as an experience, the perfect blend of travelling, an all round stay. In order to carry this out, we gather all the elements that make up the stay in a single tool, which is this app.

The app #Vigoexperience will be your ally for planning your visit to the city, for booking reservations in all the establishments you want, for organizing your routes and visits so you do not miss anything.

The app is very intuitive and graphic, as well as really easy to use. Through it, you will be able to geo-locate all your positions and destinations. Besides, you will access an extensive cultural and sport agenda updated at the time of your visit. Different telephone numbers of interest (public services, emergencies, taxi, etc.) will be available for you.

#VIGOEXPERIENCE (VE) is a tourist guide of the city of Vigo. You can download app onto your mobile phone (IOS & Android). It includes itineraries, thematic routes and discount coupons for local businesses.

You will discover the most unexpected and impressive places that the city of Vigo and its surroundings have to offer!

If you want to appear on the website as well as promoting your business or space, taking part in the experience of the city of Vigo, you will find the door open in #Vigoexperience!

You only have to use the website form and we will get in touch with you. Go for it!

Places to visit.

We offer a variety of experiences, events and places to have fun both alone or accompanied. Experience Vigo. You will get to know spaces, corners and places classified according to the following categories:


You will discover the whole city, exciting places and wonderful views as well as having fun in all kinds of establishments: Vigo in one weekend, Vigo in three hours, Vigo by night, Vigo shopping experience…

+10 Types

of different routes and itineraries

+25 Routes

to discover the secrets of the city

All kinds of experiences to enjoy all the aspects of the city of Vigo. You will find the interests you need to make this an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

Routes throughout the city of Vigo, providing how to get there and places of tourist interest to have the best experience with tourism in the city of Vigo.

Your business in the app highlighted on the internet

If you want your space or business to be part of #Vigoexperience, write an email with this form and we will contact you.


With our coupons, supplied by local companies, you will have the best tourist experience in the city of Vigo. You can enjoy them both alone and accompanied as there are coupons for groups!

Direct gifts, discounts for consumers, offers for couples , opportunities for singles, promotional trips, discounts on events, concerts, night entertainment, etc. You will never want to uninstall this app.

+50 Coupons

for hotels, shops and events


Coupons and all sort of offers

+25 Routes

Itineraries for knowing the city

+500 Points

of interest in the city of Vigo and surroundings

What are you waiting for?

The whole experience compiled in this great app, which everyday helps thousands of people to achieve their purpose of enjoying Vigo as never before, shows in detail what Vigo can offer and more.

Alone or accompanied
Go to wonderful places
Do not forget to eat healthy
The best experiences
Live them always intensely

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